CeramArts provides custom-made digital ceramic-decals for decoration of porcelains. Decals are printed with color lazer printer using ceramic toners. Full color printing is available. Decals should be fired at 820 - 850 degree C to be glazed on the surface of porcelains. They are lead-free and food safe. There is no requirement of minimum order or initial setup fee. We will provide a support to edit image files without additinal fees. --> About us
Please send an e-mail to "shopmaster@ceram-arts.com" when you order decals. We will reply within two business days.


← Custom digital ceramic decals (full-color, A4-size)
Detailed explanation of our digital ceramic decals is here.
Only A4-size sheets (210x297 mm, 8.3x11.7 in) are available.
The price of one sheet is JPY1,380 - 1,480 per A4-sheet without requirement of minimum order or initial setup fee.
You have to provide A4-size images of pdf or jpg. If the file size is less than 5MB, you can send them as attached files of e-mail to shopmaster@ceram-arts.com. Otherwise, please use our file-drop box.
To order our digital ceramic decals, please click left box.