About us

Welcome to the CeramArts Online Shop. This shop is organized by CeramArts LLC.
CeramArts LLC is a company which was founded in the land of Shonan-Fujisawa, Japan in 2013. We are producing digital ceramic decals for on-glaze decoration of porcelains. Although CeramArts is a small company, we are providing one of the most beautiful ceramic decals with cheap price (US$12-15 per A4 sheet).
Our own technology is introduced in the following:
There are two types of ceramic decals, with-edges or without-edges. Edge is a cutting edge of a decal remaining after firing. All users prefer without-edge decals but in the conventional products, the strength of colors of the without-edge decals was sacrificed because glass-flux should be mixed with the pigment toners. We have developed a new technology which is called "powder coat technology" where glass-flux powder is put only on the printing surfaces. This technology enables us to produce without-edge decals with strong colors like with-edge decals.
At present, almost all decals for porcelains are produced by the screen-printing technique. Our dream is that we will replace 10% of current decals with digital printing.

You can trust our technology and honest delivery because CeramArts is a Japanese company.

Keiko Tsurumi
CEO CeramArts LLC,
3-9 Hon-Fujisawa, Fujisawa city, Kenagawa, Japan.