Digital Ceramic Decals

Decals using lead-free pigments is food safe. Only A4-size sheet (210x297 mm, 8.3x11.7 in) is available.

Flow of decal order

Submission of Image Files

You have to submit image files BEFORE ordering decals. Electric files with any formats will be acceptable but images should have at least 350 dpi in resolution.
If the file size is less than 5MB, it can be submitted as an attached file of e-mail to "". If the file size is over 5MB, please use our file-drop box. You can also submit parts images and ask us to arrange them on A4 sheets (this process normally gives better results).
Editorial work using images is free unless the work is not too complicated. After receiving images, we will return an A4-size complete-images within two business days, then you can revise them as you like to prepare the final images for printing.

Selection of Decal Types

After preparing final images, you have to choose decal types to order.
We provide following 4 kinds of decals:
1) red-set with edge: for most of photos and simple images which can be cut along their shapes,
2) magenta-set with edge: for photos and symple images, when you like to use pink,
3) red-set without-edge: for most of complicated images which cannot be cut along its shape,
4) magenta-set without-edge: for complicated images, when you like to use pink but you cannot get strong balck.

Digital decals of CeramArts are printed with a color laser printer.

Difference between Red-bases and Magnta-based decals.